Top 10 Reasons To Not Miss Malin Plaza

Malin Plaza is a small everyday market of maybe 500 sqft, which lights up the Phuket food scene, being only 1 kilometre away from the main Patong beach. The market starts setting up by 2 PM but is fully functional post 5 and goes till midnight. It serves the freshest, most wonderful meal you can imagine in all of Phuket.

The top reasons to visit the place are

Cheap cost– The place is barely a kilometre from Patong Beach and offers food at 50 % of the cost and tastes 200 % better.

As fresh as it can get – All the people selling food here are mostly extended families of farmers or fisherman, who are to be found at bigger markets in and around the area. They will get the best of seafood and grill/fry it, right in front of you.

Sea-food paradise – From Shrimps to Kingfish, Mussels, Squids, Lobsters, Crab and everything in between; all can be yours at dirt cheap prices, ranging from THB 20 to 100, served fresh.

Crocodile steak – If you are more adventurous than the rest of us, then crocodile is the way to go. May it be a burger or a steak, it’s all available here.

Fresh fruits– Being a peninsula close to other tropical destinations assures you the finest of fruits; may it be Longan, Passion fruit, Salak, Mangosteen or Rambutan you get them all here. In fact I was surprised; I could not find Salak in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit area, which consistently tops the world’s street food radar.

Give Durain a chance – The most hated fruit in the world, which is banned in a number of countries as well as most public places/hotels across Thailand, because of its pungent odour. Coming from India, I am quite familiar with Jackfruit and like it too but this is a whole new level. This belongs to the same family of fruits and has a sweet smell but the moment you bite into it, its like something just died inside of you. It is soft as mango and looks a lot like Jackfruit, with a cloud of odour. Still, there are takers for it, who love to consume it.

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Thai Ice-cream – The famous Thai rolled ice-cream videos that you saw on the internet sometime back were all true. From the personal selection of ice-cream to fruits, sauces and toppings; its all yours for a mere THB 40 or so.

Try the jumbo coconut – As a traveler, you wouldn’t be interested in this fact but Thailand is the biggest Coconut producing as well as exporting nation in the world. It is a mistake to not try the coconut here. The big coconuts are way bigger than my tiny face and contain a litre of water in them. Cost THB 65.

Tea and drinks – Thailand survives on tea, even the locals drink it all the time and so should you. They even have some unique combinations like Thai tea banana shake, match milk bubble and so on.

Value shopping – The front of the market is covered by food stalls but as you cross half the market, rest half is taken over by a lot of trinket, cosmetics, clothes and footwear shops which offer a great deal on local stuff.

Halal Travel

  • Almost all the food served here is seafood which rules out your concern about Halal or not.
  • The fruit is a great way to go.
  • The beef being served here is a real treat and carries a halal mark on most of the carts if you are still in doubt just smile and ask, “halal?”

Quick Run

Address: Prachanukhro Road, South Patong Beach

Timing: 1400 to 2400

Contact Number: +66 (0)933247888

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