Sonar bangla

A swim thru the Bengal waters!!

The Freestyle Writing Challenge

Food Abuse has got another challenge nomination from fellow blogger Impeccablemua (read her about me...

Top 5 Facts About Keemala

Although I'm a shoestring traveller who spends the least possible on a clean place...

Shahjahanabad ki sair

The food festival from the by lanes of Old delhi

Hello, I am Gia Coleman!

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Discover the home of the Elephant


Reconnect with your soul


Best cities and beaches combined


Thousands of islands await

Must Read

31 July 2015

My second article for The Pioneer newspaper, where i check out the Awadhi fare...

Kancha Kofta

Continuing from my article of 20th August 2015 titled “Unearthing of the lost” I...


Rosang Soul Food

This is you chance to find Arundhati Roy one on one over a drink!!

Ego Obsession

That divine jacket potato, Oh I'm melting!!!

The modern weds the classic!!

There is no dearth of Italian diners in Delhi, you could locate many in...

A Notch Different in 23 Years

Every artist is unique; there aren’t any 2 artists in the world that would...

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Bucketlist Experiences


The Israeli food hub!!

Smokey’s BBQ & Grill

Tucked away in the middle lane of Khan Market next to Khan Chacha is...

Wine & Dine-The Double Charm At La Piazza

There’s a double treat at La Piazza, Hyatt Regency New-Delhi till the 15th of...

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