Samrudhi, Kerala Bhawan

Delhi being the capital city enjoys a number of benefits which no other Indian city has, one of them is having a state-house/Bhawan for every Indian state to accommodate and help people from their state. The good thing that I found is, all of them have a canteen, which serves authentic cuisine from their region.

vegetarian south indian thali
Vegetarian Thali

This was enough reason to push me towards the canteens and start a #BhawanTrail all across the city.

Considering the hot and humid weather of Delhi these days, I thought of starting my leg 1 of ‪#‎BhawanTrail‬ with ‪#‎KeralaHouse‬ canteen called ‪#‎Samrudhi‬

Fry Fish at Kerala Bhawan New Delhi
Fish Fry

The place will bowl you over, first of all, it serves as a good icebreaker for anyone who thinks South-Indian food is only thali, vada and uttapam. Secondly, it is dirt cheap, sorry maybe the term dirt cheap does not do justice here.

South Indian kacchi Biryani
Chicken Malbari Biryani


Veg Thali – INR 50
Chicken Biryani – INR 100
Fish Fry – INR 50
Chicken Ghee Roast – INR 50
Grape Juice – INR 35

The food is simple, extremely economic and leaves you satisfied. Oh did I mention the rasam, sambhar and buttermilk are free-flowing along with the two veggies of your thali?

Could be a wonderful example of a poor man’s meal !!!

Packed Grape Juice
Grape Juice


Quick Run

Address: Kerala House, 3 Jantar Mantar Road, Near Patel Chowk Metro Station, Janpath

Timing: 1230 to 1500 & 1900 to 2130

Contact Number: 011-30411411

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