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The responsibility that you bear on your shoulders as a torch bearer of a regional cuisine in an almost alien-land is one big challenge to even take up and if you happen to deliver that with great taste, consistency, coupled with greats service, it is a battle won even before your opponent makes it to the battlefield. Welcome to Rosang soul food, a place which started from Munirka market a year ago and has now escalated itself to Green park market very close to Uphar cinema. The place is run by Mary Lalboi, who is a celebrated chef across northeastern region and has an amazing hold on food from all seven sister states.

The place is exceptionally small yet the warm vibe it exudes is miles ahead of even the best places in town. Imagine, What is it like to be in a place where you go even for one casual drink and the owner comes and comforts you by talking about food and culture so casually as if someone you have known for a while?? Once you step out, you realize this is the place where Arundhati Roy walks in every other day just to sip her favorite drink.

Bawngsa-Kan- meat dry-fry served with North-Eastern herbs (Mizoram)
Bawngsa-Kan- meat dry-fry served with North-Eastern herbs (Mizoram)

The menu is simple yet descriptive with every dish explained well, as most of us are simply unaware of these dishes regarding their ingredients, composition or origin for that matter. From the starters section I ordered the Bawngsa-Kan from Mizoram which is dry-meat deep-fried sprinkled with herbs from the region and a chilli/tangy sauce as a side. The meat seems to be well cured with a nice pungent flavour, Important thing to remember is all these states rely on herbs as compared to spices to enhance the real taste and not under-power them with another flavour.

Sougri-Mahi- Kenef drink created by owner Mary lalboi (Manipur)
Sougri-Mahi- Kenef drink created by owner Mary lalboi (Manipur)

Next was Sougri-Mahi, a drink to simply swear by when it comes to taste, these are indigenous leaves of a tree named Sougri or Gongura which are treated in a specific way by Mary herself and a hint of chilies make them the most prized possession from the kitchen on Rosang.

Aksa Meh- Chicken curry with seasonal herbs (Mizoram)
Aksa Meh- Chicken curry with seasonal herbs (Mizoram)

From the mains sections it was Aksa-Meh from Mizoram, where chicken was cooked in ultra light gravy with numerous herbs from north east which imbibe a great fragrance to the whole dish, coupled with Chaak-khao which is highly acclaimed sticky red rice from Manipur; The rice itself has a smooth taste of starch and mild sugar which works fabulously well with a light gravy.

Chaak Khao- Sticky red rice (Manipur)
Chaak-Khao- Sticky red rice (Manipur)

Aloo Taama- Potato & bamboo shoot curry (Sikkim)
Aloo-Taama- Potato & bamboo shoot curry (Sikkim)

Bamboo has long been one of the finest food coming from North-east region and whats better than Aloo-taama from Sikkim, which is potato and bamboo cooked to perfection to such an extent; where bamboo shoots simply melt in my mouth unlike anything you imagine from the rough texture of bamboo. Next up was the Ngatok from Arunachal which is fish cooked with no oil, topped with aromatic spices and herbs; This is something that needs an acquired taste, as the fish exudes a pungent taste, which has simply not subsided as water is the sole cooking medium.

Ngatok- No oil fish curry with indigenous spices and aromatic herbs from the region (Arunachal)
Ngatok- No oil fish curry with indigenous spices and aromatic herbs from the region (Arunachal)

From the dessert I tried the Chaak-khao kheer and Sesame flat-cake where the kheer somehow gives the aftertaste of blueberry, i really have no understanding here as to why do i feel so (maybe my senses have taken a back seat by now) as for the Sesame cake these are dark brown coloured flat sesame not to be found anywhere in northern India, the taste was simple and smoky. Both the dessert are 10 pointers on the Richter scale when it comes to shaking someones ground.

Chaak Khao kheer (red rice) and sesame flat cake.
Chaak Khao kheer (red rice) and sesame flat cake.

The PLF for the place is 1000 INR for 2, they can be contacted on (011)-65544411 for prior booking and the suggested orders are Sougri-Mahi, Aloo-Taama & Chaak-Khao Kheer.


    • hehe, you could here someday sister , ill take you out to eat all this 🙂 even your country has some stunning food, recently i fell in love with the muhammara 😀

    • Thankyou my friend, its a special rice from North eastern India, but its very regular in that region … It tastes good and looks appealing


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