Halal Travel In Mauritius

The total population of Mauritius is 1.27 million at present which is frankly 60% of India’s capital city. Muslims constitute a staggering 17.3% of that total population and stay in complete harmony, they are undisturbed by global right-wing politics and have made Mauritius a complete safe heaven.

In my wide exploration of the tiny island nation, it was hard to segregate people on their religion as they all appear to be same on their outlook, which is a great thing. There seems to be no racism or any such issue religious divide issue, which makes it an even better option for travel.

They have a Juma Masjid (i.e. Central Mosque) in capital Port Louis and I did visit the same, it’s a very calming and soothing place to be, there are ample halal food options across the city and well vegetarian is in abundance too.

Inside Jummah Mosque Mauritius
Inside Jummah Mosque
Jummah Mosque Port Louis
Jummah Mosque

Halal Services

  • Mosque – At least one in every village/town.
  • Hotels – Some hotel do not serve alcohol.
  • Nightclub – Limited to a handful of towns in the north.
  • Halal Food – Ample small joints on street serve the same.
Smoked Marlin Fish and Poached egg is always halal
Forever halal food

Mosque – The Juma Mosque is located in the capital Port Louis, it was made in the 1850’s and is spacious enough to accommodate a big number of people. It is located next to Bazaar (Indian Market) alternatively it can be located through the map designates Juma Mosque.

Hotel – Although the place is laid back and the latent idea is party and chill but there are some options for hotels which do not serve alcohol. A detail of options is listed on my blog called Mauritius Travel Guide, please check the same.

Food – A lot of restaurants are owned by Muslims or have a halal meat supply, some of them are Tandoori Express & Zub Express. Most of the street food is vegetarian which can easily be consumed by anyone looking to eat halal.

Love for books
Things that melt your hearth!

Stay Away From

  • Drinking and Partying lane of Grand Baie
  • Beachfront lane of Flic En Flac
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