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Amritsar, a city laced in Sikh culture and butter partially. Popularly regarded as the food capital of India. The city came into existence 500 odd years back by the 4th Sikh guru, Guru Ram Das. The preceding guru; Guru Arjan Singh was the one who built the most famous relic of Sikhs, the Darbar Sahib commonly known as Golden Temple and is the biggest attraction from this city for anyone.

Most Famous Sikh Gurudwara
The Golden Temple
Sikh Man calmly attending his son
A man dressing up his son after the holy bath

The golden temple is a beautiful example of communal harmony of yesteryear India. The Temple was designed by Guru Arjan Singh; the cornerstone was laid by Mian Mir a Sufi Muslim saint on 28th December 1588.

The holy scripture of Adi Granth was compiled and installed in gurdwara by 1604. The 4 doors of the Gurdwara symbolize the openness of Sikhs towards every religion. The present structure was coated with gold in the 19 century by the Maharaja Ranjit Singh who secured Punjab region from an outside attack.

The calm white
The grand structure
Smiling Guard on Duty
One of the happy guards in traditional attire

That’s mostly the historical footprint of the place, whats stellar is as per the stats the place aces ahead of Taj-Mahal in a number of footfalls per day which are to the tune of 100,000 on just weekends and just like any other Gurdwara they provide Langar (free food camp) for anyone who wants to eat with just no questions asked. Ain’t that something?

Golden temple from the inside
Inside the Gurdwara
Real Gold on Golden Temple Amritsar
The view on top

The second closeby spot well known for its blood-red history is Jallianwala Bagh, it’s a commemoration of martyrs which included numerous unarmed females as well as kids by the British occupying forces who forced themselves into Punjab region. About 380 people were killed that day in an open-fire where it said that who field was blood red, people jumped into a nearby well to save their lives but they were shot there too.

Place of Massacre
The Jallianwala Bagh

Moving on to the lighter side of Amritsar, the place offers exemplary food about which I have already written in past in-depth here. Most of NCR has recently caught up with the trend of butter dunking their food but this practice has been prevalent in Amritsar for a long long time. Punjabis do everything in excess may it be eating or loving.

Spot of Massacre in India
structures and symmetry

The closest city from here is ironically in the neighbouring nation Pakistan which is Lahore. Which is roughly 30 Km and gaining a pass to watch the parade at the Wagah border is definitely worth it. A good 2-3 days trip would give you a fair idea of what the city is about, although as I strongly believe its always the tip of an iceberg and you need substantial time to really know even a small locality or culture down to its core.

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