One For The Birds

I woke up early morning, got ready and ran to the bus station only to know the next bus to Kumarakom is after 45 minutes or so, which was good in a sense. It gave me ample time to have a peaceful spicy vada and Kattan (Kerala tea) for breakfast. Kattan is something unique yet indigenous to Kerala, its bold local black tea (without milk) which is a staple for anyone from God’s own country. After the breakfast I got back to the bus stand and got onto the bus in next 10 minutes, in a ride of merely 35 minutes, I was at the gates of Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary.

Map of Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Kerala
The layout plan of Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

Kumarakom is situated only 13 kilometres off Kottayam and being on the side of Vembanad Lake; gives it a big push when it comes to flora & fauna, angling, boating and Bird watching. The bird sanctuary is the biggest attraction here, with miles and miles of mangrove forests, green paddy field and coconut trees; Bordered by white lilies makes it a must-see place on the National Geographic list. A mere 50 INR entry can get you to bird heaven with migratory ones like Siberian stork, wild duck and Indian darters, Egret and Cuckoos to name a few.

People Rowing Boat
A not so fancy sight of local people who keep on doing there work, day after day!!

I consider myself lucky, as soon as I reached here, it started to rain and within 10 minutes it was a heavy downpour. My personal belief to call Kerala, God’s own country is it’s controlled by God, it will rain in a minute and be sunny the next. You don’t control anything here. That pushed most of the romantic lovers, out of this peaceful place and there were only a handful people trying to brave the rain.

Asian Koel
A Koel caught in the act

The watchtower at the end of the sanctuary is definitely the spot you don’t want to miss for its a unique vantage point. The green cover you see there might even scare someone from the dense Amazonian jungle. There are extra-long creepers which run horizontally on top of trees, to make it a complete mesh kind of structure for the birds, which is possibly the greenest most sight, I ever saw in my life.

Crazy Green Cover
View from the watchtower

By 5 pm I was out and on my way to back to Kottayam in the unique shutter window bus, to save myself from rain. Once I boarded the bus I was informed the village of Indian famed author Arundhati Roy, author of Booker prize-winning “The god of small things” is Ayamanam; which is very close to this place but I was already halfway down, thinking about tomorrow; the plan, the place, this life !!

The Eternal Hug
The mating trees!

“Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions.” — Peter Hoeg

Timing: 0630 Am to 0500 Pm

Entry Fee: Domestic-50, Foreigner-100

Contact Number: 9633992977

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