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Chinese has always been the second most focused cuisine for Indians and Pan-Asian is a behemoth to carry but the angle Woktok looks at it is very different from any other. They seem to have handpicked the delicacies from all the Asian countries with major focus on Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Indonesian specialties.

The inside
The inside

Woktok, The Grand New-Delhi located in Vasant-Kunj is definitely the place to be if you are in mood for some healthy Asian food in an eloquent ambience with your family. Unlike other 5-star properties the menu here is big and offers a range of food to suit your choice, moments after taking a comfortable seat I was bombed with a number of dumplings done in a live kitchen meters away from me under the hands of Mr Kaushik Jidali the sous-chef for the restaurant.

Pokchoy & waterchestnut Dumplings- japan (green leaves and water chestnuts in raw garlic)
Pokchoy & Waterchestnut Dumplings

The variety here was endless; with corn and mushroom, Mixed vegetable, Pokchoy and waterchestnut, spicy chicken and Hargow dumplings is what I ordered, most of them flared well where Pokchoy and waterchestnut was the star amongst all dumplings with fresh green leaves and waterchestnut with a hint of garlic the taste was one of the finest I’ve had in years, although the Hargow was a little dry unlike my expectations but the next order of woodier mushrooms and Bulgogi chicken were in full glory to convince me till the last morsel.

Woodier Mushrooms- Thai (Assorted mushroom in chilli basil sauce)
Woodier Mushrooms

Jade Seafood soup- China (Spinach and Pockchoy with Shrimp and Fish )
Jade seafood soup

Honestly speaking im mostly reluctant in trying a soup of any sort but Jade seafood soup was something that can pull me back to this restaurant any given day, it was simply one of the finest i’ve had. Beyond the soup I could barely reach out to the mains section but I still managed to try the Indonesian Rendang chicken curry with Thai lotus leaf wrapped rice now what makes them half the star is their limited availability and rest half is very well taken care of by the exotic taste which speaks length about the care that’s been involved in plating any of these dishes.

Chicken Rendang_Indonesia (coconut flavoured spicy chicken curry)
Chicken Rendang curry

Lotus Leaf wrapped Rice- Thai (lotus leaf and star aniseed flavoured steamed rice)
Lotus-leaf wrapped rice

The last leg was of dessert with Mango spring roll and Coconut-Jaggery gelato where the spring roll was good as expected but the simple looking gelato was everything but simple with beautiful richness and perfect taste of Jaggery for sweetness and coconut in the after-taste.

Mango Spring roll with fresh fruits and rubbed blueberry
Mango Spring roll with fresh fruits and rubbed blueberry

The total pocket loosening factor (PLF) for the restaurant is 2500 INR excluding taxes for two, the place can be contacted on (011)26771234 for prior bookings and the suggestive orders are Pokchoy & waterchestnut dumplings, Jade seafood soup and Rendang curry.



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