Viva O Viva, Goa Niwas

The leg 2 of my #‎BhawanTrail‬ happened at Viva-O-Viva, which is the canteen inside Goa Niwas.

Solkadi without coconut milk
Kokam in the name of Solkadi

Now after my first leg at Kerala Bhawan, I was really kicked and had a lot of expectations with Goa Bhawan too, but the experience was far from my earlier one. Now the place inside is spacious, clean and does not seem to be a government-run canteen. But the meal at ‪#‎GoaNiwas‬ was honestly below average.

Goa Style Fish Curry
Indian Bassa Curry

Solkadi with boiled rice and fish or chicken on the side, used to be my favourite meal all the years I spend in Pune & Bombay. I was utterly confused when they served kokam in the name of solkadi. Now Kokam is something I would have as a mere cooler and not part of my meal. I think this is the steepest amount I would have shelved out vis-a-vis the real price, for any drink ever!!

Prawn in Goan Style
Tiger Prawn Balchao

The Bassa curry was smooth, light and could be paired very well with the boiled rice.  Tiger Prawn Balchao was a mere joke, prawn equivalent to the size of a spoon and you call that Tiger? They seem pussy cat size to me.

Fish Fry at Goa Canteen
White Pomfret Rawa Fry

I’m not much of Pomfret fan, I would personally choose a King Mackerel (Surmai) anyday but moving away from fish selection, why was the Rava so thinly coated when I’m paying 650 for just that? (look at the lower flank and you will agree with me).
The Dodol was something new, it had a sticky sweet texture; I think it’s steamed Jaggery. At least something made it end on a not so bad note.

Goan Dessert


  1. Solkadi – INR 100
  2. Bassa Curry – INR 400
  3. Tiger Prawn Balchao – INR 500
  4. White Pomfret Rawa Fry – INR 650
  5. Rice – INR 80
  6. Pao- INR 40

Quick Run

  • Address: 14, Goa Niwas, Bir Tikendrajit Marg, Behind Akbar Bhawan,Chanakyapuri
  • Timing: 1230 to 1530 & 1930 to 2230
  • Contact Number: 011-26118370
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