Top 5 Unobvious Reasons To Visit Bangla Street

Thailand as a nation has predominantly been relying on tourism to sail them across and quite frankly, they are doing really well. There are places which survive only on tourism, party, drinks & food and do great business all year round. Phuket is no different from any of those places, with Bangla Street being the heart and soul of the city. The life of this city revolved around it.

Drink like a fish, see the kinky shows and get ripped by numerous Russians. That’s mostly what a westerner goes through and nothing wrong with it either. He came prepared for most of that (barring the last one) even gets the same; but for people like me, who do not drink and don’t wish to see any of those shows, it might sound dud but its not.

These are my top reasons to visit the place

  1. Street photography The place is mini Amsterdam or Las Vegas with so many people dressed in colourful clothes and shoes, everyone is smiling and happy (well at least on the outside). That gives you so many perfect moments, if you are a photography enthusiast, just like me.
  2. Ice cream It came quite unexpected but I found the best flavours here for Coconut and Thai tea ice-cream all at cheap prices; because hey, people don’t really come here to eat ice-cream after-all.
  3. Trinket shopping You can pick up a number of little decorative things or memorabilia for your home. The beach end of the street has a number of shops with mostly no customers throughout the day, so make way and crack a deal.
  4. Get a hat I’m personally not a big fan of hats as I have a small head size but the blazing sun in Thailand is not so friendly either. I found the first shop towards the beachside to be selling hats; incidentally, I found one that fit me well too. She asked for 600 THB and without me saying a word got down to 100 THB on her own. It would be downright derogatory if I didn’t pay that much for something that’s gonna last.
  5.  Appreciate the art The beach end of the 400 odd meters long street is the loose end for fun-seekers but it sure has other things. Right under the barricade are a number of young artists who draw caricatures and characters of your choice for THB 50 or 100 and they are mighty deft handed.

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  • There are a number of skimpily dressed girls here but they do not touch you, if you take a step towards them they’ll take two.
  • If none of the above-mentioned points are relevant or moving for you, then it’s best to avoid the place, as there is nothing else to be offered here.
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