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There are only handful cuisines on the global radar but that does not mean others are not good enough all it means is they don’t have such a big following across the globe or to put it in simpler words theres a small number of population ready to spend for these fantastic cuisines. One such cuisine I am talking about is Tibetan, the simple food of the people of Tibet.

Tofu, spinach cheese kothey (steamed & fried momos)
Tofu, spinach cheese kothey (steamed & fried momos)

It is not a very fancy looking food but it is high on nutrient value and easy to cook or digest, staying in India leaves you with only fewer options of exploring this kind of food limited to the places where majority of them reside and your best option is obviously Mcleodgang where Dalai Lama resides with most of Tibetan concentration. For all the people who crave for Momo’s every now and then yes they come from Tibet and no one does it better.

Tsampa withbanana & honey
Tsampa with banana & honey

Most of Tibetan food is simple with barely any spices to not make you feel heavy while you eat all you want. A standard Tibetan breakfast comprises of Tsampa porrdidge which is made of Barley instead of oats, tastes really well and is infact even more heavy than the usual one. Most of the places could serve you a plain, fruit, banana or honey variant. Some people who do not wish to go that heavy go for Tingmo a kind of steamed rolled bread which looks like a bigger version of a cup cake without the icing can be served with usual butter, peanut butter or Nutella with a any tea on side.

Tingmo with Nutella
Tingmo with Nutella

For lunch or dinner you can have a Thenthuk which is a noodle and vegetable soup which could be topped with your choice of dressing or even eggs and the finest part is for all the people who love Momo Tibet is the country that invented it, so they have the best taste and maximum variety being served at best of their restaurants to the smallest street vendors and all of them taste equally good.


There are few other options to a lunch and dinner which could be alternated as per your choice like Thukpa, Sha Phaley & Shab tra. If you like to visit the places I had most of this food I suggest Snow lion café and Gakyi in Mcleodgang.

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