The underplayed platter of Zakir nagar

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For piling years people have talked of great food of Delhi as a large legacy trailing from Great Mughal emperors. The place that hogs all the limelight in this stint is clearly the area of Old Delhi or the region in and around of Jama Masjid. The place that has been an underdog or never got it’s much deserved respect was Zakir nagar or the food available in vicinity of Jamia University.

This is one such place which has been discovered only by a handful lot and has all the potential of giving a tough challenge to food available in Old Delhi or might even be a few notches above than the old Delhi experience. The Fanfare runs from the very basic Nihari to Korma/Quorma & Tikka to Biryani. The sweets get their big respect too which is almost absent from the Old Delhi picture. The place looks the same as its predecessor and is not a very convenient place to reach with dingy by-lanes, galaxies of pot holes and people swarming in them for shopping or maybe sheer fun.

Tikka @ Meer's
Tikka @ Meer’s
Birayani @ Zafran
Birayani @ Zafran

Finding the precise place here can get a little tricky as it’s not clustered in one single spot and spread in a big area and every corner doing a good bit of food and you need to do several trips to explore the full spread .To mention a few Zafran does a fantastic Korma, Dahi gosht and Biryani all in true Lucknow style neighbors named Meer do a great Chicken Tikka and korma too. If you crave for juice or shake head to Blender’s you can try the general public’s liking for Khajoor (date) from its blended shake where you won’t mind piping down 2 glasses just like anyone else or maybe a glass full of Lassi topped with Roohafza can give you the nostalgic kick or a simple cold milk (unflavored) bottle from Karim & sons can do the trick too.

The unflavored cold milk bottle @ Karim & Sons
The unflavored cold milk bottle @ Karim & Sons

If you are a true breed authenticated animal digger like me your likes would be for Al-Madina for their Nihari or Royal Biryani house for their Calcutta style Biryani once you are thru with this and you crave for sweet you can head for Ashraf bhai’s joint named Shahi Kheer right outside the masjid where he sits behind the bars and serves only 3 things strictly Kheer, Shahi Tukda and Falooda or maybe the Rabri is what you wish to go for from the simple cart in main bustling market.

Biryani @ Royal Biryani house
Biryani @ Royal Biryani house
"Shahi Kheer" the shop
“Shahi Kheer” the shop
The Kheer
The Kheer

Whatever you eat is nothing less than a larded fantasy which never disappoints one, I can sum up by saying that this whole area is a gem of a place for the one who craves for great Mughlai food and wishes to stay away from the generalist selections or maybe wants to explore a little unlike others .As its rightly claimedIf you follow the crowd, you will likely get no further than the crowd. If you walk alone, you’re likely to end up in places no one has ever been before”- by Alan Ashley-Pitt A.K.A. Phil Wernig.

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  1. Fantastically detailed . Difficult to wait till I hit the joint and relish the dishes mentioned there in. Looking forward to have more details soon. Keep it up.


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