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One major reason for the catastrophic failures of restaurants these days is food not being the priority of the restaurant, which I have reiterated time and again. This has created a certain pattern visible to general eye, people hoard to a new place with glittery interiors and party factors, the chef is nowhere in the limelight and in a mere span of 6 months the place falls apart like a loose pack of cards; mostly because the menu was done by a consultant, who is a marketing guy and not a chef himself, while the man who understands food, has not much of a bandwidth behind the kitchen doors.

Chef Dong Long - The China Kitchen
Chef Dong Long

Fortunately there is a different league of survivors who are old-school and go by the chef’s word and sail through fairly easy. The China Kitchen at Hyatt Regency, Bikaji Cama Place is one such place. That was for years under Chef Dong Long who is a trained chef from mainland China, has worked in all the major cities of china and joined Hyatt Regency New-Delhi in 2010 and took the stats of this place sky high with numerous awards under his hat and moved on to another Hyatt properties later.

He is back to Hyatt Regency, New Delhi from 17th January to 24th January 2016 to showcase his favorites and some of China Kitchens top selections. It was a real treat meeting the chef himself over a chef’s table where he showcased his art. The roasted duck in sweet-bean sauce is exemplary when it’s sliced in front of you and wrapped in a thin pancake which melts in your mouth.

Hyatt Chinese -43
Roasted Duck

The experiments with mushrooms would definitely take the place beyond the roof weather it is the clear wild mushroom soup or the crispy porcini mushrooms. The Fungi salad is a great option for the heath food seekers too.

The chef’s special menu is only till 24th January 2016, for booking you can call the team at +91-9958096569.

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