Swiss food fare at the Switzerland Embassy

Recently a one day invite only event happened at the Swiss embassy, Chanakyapuri which showcased art installation and theme party by Joel Andrianomearisoa .  This was over his famous sentimental theme which has been widely appreciated in Paris.

WaterBottle and Candle
The water-bottle and candle, part of the sentimental party

The Swiss ambassador was present to welcome each guest personally and help them with real Swiss food. It was honestly my first real rendezvous with Swiss food fare beyond the Fondues and chocolates.To my understanding the Swiss pallet is heavily inclined towards onions, onions and some more onions with a lot of cabbage and a predominant choice of Pork as a meat.

Braised Red Cabbage
Braised Red-cabbage

The first thing that came across was a Sauerkraut which is white cabbage with a fermentation, quiet sour on the flavour and not so appealing, being very honest. Next up was the Braised Red-cabbage another one of the fine looking similar lot beauties.

Potato Roesti

The Polenta cake with Parmesan cheese was something nice with subtle flavours and so was Rosti which is a a pack of grated toasted potato fritters, this is almost a national breakfast for every Swiss which is generally coupled with sunny side-up and spinach.  What’s important to remember is Switzerland was originally a farmer’s land, which is why most of the dishes are utterly plain & simple.

Boiled Nouvelle Potatoes, Silver onions and Gherkins topped with Raclette Cheese
Boiled Nouvelle potatoes, silver onions and Gherkins topped with Raclette cheese

The most stellar dish here was the Raclette which is a unique semi-firm cow milk cheese heated in a special machine and poured over dry cured meat cuts or Nouvelle potatoes and Gherkins and can be consumed as a main meal. It has German roots and has been around since the 12th century, considered to be a very nutritious and complete meal in itself. The flavours are very pungent and unlike any other cheese.

BlackCurrent Meringue
Black-Currant Meringue

The dessert section had the Swiss Meringues which is whipped eggs with sugar and Gelatin as a binding agent; they are hollow and generally carry the shape of a big sized garlic bulb. Meringues are made and consumed in France and  Italy too but what makes them so Swiss is here the eggs are warmed over a double boiler and then whipped while adding small quantities of sugar which ends up giving a beautiful glossy look to the finished product.

Brulee being torched 2
Some Brulee being torched, caught in the action

The whole party was an experience on a different level and I hope to gain more of cultural knowledge from get-together’s like these.



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