Summer Lovin At Hyatt Cafe

Summer has a funny effect on most people; it gets them rolling their eyes with the name of food. I am no different, that was my feeling on being invited by Parinita Samanta, the PR manager for Hyatt Regency New-Delhi; for their cafe’s new summer-specific brunch menu. The apprehension was easy, I thought the light meals are not fancy to be placed in a 5-star menu and the heavy/fancy ones don’t work in the summer. So what are they really pointing at, but having known Chef Abhishek Singh for years, I thought let’s not put it down and explore the opportunity.

After a while the only feeling was contentment. With an array of salads that’s no less than 25, grills, soups, main course and finally the desserts, of 20 odd kinds again. That was the whole spread but my concentration was on salads. Although I started with fairly light Indian and Middle Eastern ones. I got inclined towards these new ones as soon as I passed them, namely the Duck Liver salad, Marinated Sea-food salad and Chef Signature salad. The Duck liver and seafood are self-explanatory the Chef signature was the poached fig and cheese salad. These are a definitive try for their taste bold mix.

The grills section has a Whole Grilled Chicken done the rotisserie way, which puts the fine fish and ham cuts to shame. I cannot expect a better meal in summers with a lot of greens and some healthy lean protein. From the extensive list of desserts, I opted for the Dry-fruit Toffee Tart which goes right to my heart, instead of the stomach.

Chef Abhishek explains, “We wanted to enhance the variety and quality of the buffet menu by laying emphasis on European, French, British, American, Spanish, Indian and regional Indian cuisines. We have increased the number of salads and added a variety of light Indian as well as European curries. Patrons also have a choice to ‘Make Your Own Salad’ or indulge in some exotic selection.

The brunch menu is priced at 1835 INR plus taxes for 1 person, the timings are 1200 to 1530 hours (barring Sundays). A table reservation is highly recommended, you can contact the team at 011-66771306.

Bilal Vohra
Bilal Vohra
My name is Bilal VOHRA, I was a conventional number-crunching guy soaked in selfless love for food, travel, photography, music and cultural exploration & one fine day I quit my boring desk job as a banker and turned to where I belong. None of this came as easily as I laid it for you but I started writing content as a freelancer with this blog, struggled for years and finally I achieved a certain reputable scale with this blog.

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