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The Idea

India being one of the cheapest travel destination gets millions of tourist every year but what about someone from this cheap country who plans to go out and see the world. Where does someone from a perpetually cheap and low per-capita income country head to? Well, It ain’t that tough, he looks for another country in a similar bracket and just zooms off there.

My impromptu trip to Thailand was mostly an idea conceived out of less time, low budget, a beautiful destination and good food. Let’s agree, what’s a better choice than that anyways. I have always been a guy who plans on doing things on a tight budget and still making the most of my trip. I have a reason for that, well if a local can lead the life in a certain way then why can’t I? When it’s for a short span anyways.

How to get there

The most convenient and cheapest (mostly) way of making it to Thailand is their national carrier Thai Airways. They have good service, cheap prices, nice food and wonderful service too. You shouldn’t be expecting anything more than that.

If you are flying for the southern part of India or Malaysia, you could even check Air Asia. They might be cheaper but do not forget to check the cabin baggage terms and conditions before you book anything. You might end up paying more than the value of tickets, all thanks to the payment/KG criterion.

If you are already in Thailand and looking to fly somewhere inside the country look for the Thai Smile, that’s a low-cost version of the more premium Thai Airways.


It depends on what kind of time you plan to spend here. If you wish to live for a short span then a hostel or a budget hotel would be a good option. If you are looking for a retreat or home away from home kind of concept then look for the monthly options, they turn out to be cheap.

Hostels– They go for as low as 350 THB.

Budget Hotel– They are not expensive, super clean and provide a good service. Although the rationing of water being offered by then become a little problematic but 7 eleven saves the day. Move to the lane parallel to the beach, avoiding the one at the beach would be a sensible choice.

Lavish– Any stay on the beach, is bound to rip you off big time. With prices averaging at 15000 THB, where you don’t plan on spending all your day in the hotel seems to be a sheer waste of time.

Getting Around

If you are staying within the periphery of Patong Beach, you can walk around and don’t need anything. If you don’t wish to walk, your options are renting a bike (150 THB/day) or Car (600 THB/Day) or the Famous Tuk Tuk (Pay as you go).

Things to Do In Phuket

Eating at Malin Plaza– This is like the Chinatown of Phuket, maybe even cheaper. With an array of Sea-food selections, fruits, juices, Thai teas and ice cream. This is enough to satiate a foodie, if the generic food does not convince you go for the crocodile steak available here.

Walking around Bangla Street– The place where sex sells, one of the top reasons of Thailand being the chosen travel destination is sex. Although it might shock a lot of you as its not legal here it still happens. The place lights up at night and there are tons of strip bars, pole dances with some local trinket shopping going on throughout the night.

Visit Patong Beach– This is the beach that breeds Phuket, tons of travellers here. Evenings are when you should go for a swim unless its winter season or tidal time.

Adventure sports– Parasailing, Snorkeling and water-ski are majorly the water-sports you can opt for here. This is not my preferred spot of doing these things considering the crowd and cost you pay but if you haven’t done it even, go for it. Cost from 500 to 800 THB

Watch Muay Thai Fight– To experience something truly Thai, head to see a Muay-Thai fight. This is something that inspires the world. Not a lot of tourist opt for this, so be ready to see a lot of local faces around. Cost around 1000 THB

Stroll the Naka Market– This is the weekend market near Phuket, a good place to see the local trinket stuff, a huge variety of food and even used goods. The market is split into 2 sections, everything under the sun is edible (unless you’re talking about the person selling it) and the covered section has everything else.

Kamala Beach– If you are done and dusted with Patong beach in 1 day like me, head to Kamala Beach. This is a peaceful and clear beach recommended for everyone, who does not want to go a long way. Can be done by a Car or Bike in 30 minutes from Patong.

Visiting Phi Phi Islands– If you have a good time and want to make most of your travel on a really serene location, get here by a speed boat or cruise who do a to & fro day tour for the place. Cost from 900 THB to 1500 THB

Visiting Bond Islands– Well, the team behind 007 had something really exotic in mind before they shot at this place. The place has since then seen a crazy number of travellers and is still the top preferred destinations in the region. Cost 1200 THB to 1600 THB

Money Saving Tips

  1. Look for stay slightly outside of the beach, even a 5-minute walking distance from the beach would save you like 60-70 percent on your stay.
  2. The best is to book your stay before you fly out, there is a good chance you won’t find it cheaper here even in off-peak season. If you haven’t done that do not worry, you can still find a deal at the airport.
  3. Eat Local, Malin and other street markets should be your number one options. Most of the restro in front of the beach is a cheap Indian or European rip off doing bad food.
  4. If you don’t have a taste for local stuff 7 eleven is at your rescue. Buy your water, juice and drinks all from here. It’s cheap and always comes handy.
  5. Avoid Tuk Tuk, they are no less than micro macho men of Thailand. Good for the experience but beyond that it’s not the best thing considering your pocket.

Halal Travel

  • Islam is the second biggest religion in Thailand after Buddhism, with 5 percent of the total population.
  • Kamala Beach and nearby towns are 100% Islamic. The food here will be all halal.
  • A beach nearby this town would be clean and there’s no sex or dirty stuff here. So you can get your family along too.
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