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The Picture

The quirk factor

I have time & again mentioned that Connaught place (C.P.) is the next place to lookout for, with the present undercurrent the restaurants are going pay upto 3 fold rentals as compared to south Delhi and would set up an outlet in the most centrally located & oldest Delhi market. With brands like Farzi, Zizo & Social already in motion,  the whole area is going to be the most premium market of Delhi.

Niche is one such place that has come up to testify my idea, with a massive lounge and V.I.P. seating area. The V.I.P. area is accessible only on prebooking or profiling basis. The general walk-in crowd can take one of the 2 beautiful patios or the rooftop, where the front patio would remind you of Schengen from Malcha Marg.

The Food

57 Degree Duck Brest
57 degree Duck breast

Under Consultant Umesh Kapoor food & service has always been a priority and Chef Arvind Kumar Bharti only takes the hat to the next level with his creative self. The plating technique and attention to detail is unlike any other place across NCR.

Molecular Gastronomy is a term that has been exploited across the length and breathe of Indian metro cities in past few years, with most of the people relying only on 1 or 2 dimensions completely ignoring the rest and still dare to pitch their ventures with the clear tagging of Molecular. Niche also relies on Reverse spherification which is one of the aspect of the same  but luckily does not tag itself as a molecular fine dine place, which seems fair.

New Age Ceaser Salad
NewAge Caesar salad with Sous-vide 63 degree egg-yolk

A fine example of class is visible even in the smallest footstep, the New-age caesar salad is deconstructed and comes with a 63 degree Sous-Vide egg yolk, which is definitely one of the finest and most precise form of cooking known to mankind today. Most of the food comes topped with cold or hot foam, done with Lecithin and leaves a very subtle flavour on the taste-buds. They even rely on  cryo-frying, gelification and dehydration techniques on their modern Indian kitchen.

The Drinks

Honey Mustard Sour
Honey Mustard Sour

I tend to disappoint a lot of people with my no alcohol policy but Mathew Radalj, the mixologist for Niche is skilled on multiple levels. He stirs out absolutely mesmerizing cocktails as well as mocktails with the finest of ingredients. His vast experience across Asia spreading over 15 odd years of working experience is a definitive value add on to this place. He claims that Koreans are the most splurging ones and have the finest most mature taste buds.

The East Imperial ginger beer is something that’s highly specialized. It is fresh African ginger extract done over a span of 3 days packaged by a Kiwi firm and exported all across the globe. Niche is the second place serving this beer with drinks across NCR the only other one being Leela, New-Delhi. I would highly recommend trying this tiny bottle on it’s own.


The place is grand and has a lot to offer, as it covers a wide spectrum of quality and quantity to everyone. The pricing is  cheap barring a handful specialized cocktails, which as the name goes are niche. The food is definitely a new level for modernist/progressive Indian cuisine with attention to detail. The PLF (pocket loosening factor) for two is 2000 INR.

Pick Pocket Soda
Pickpocket Soda

Address and Contact details

Niche Lounge and Bistro 

M-16, Connaught Place,
Outer Circle
New Delhi, India

Lamb Shank

Lamb Shank

Suggested Order


  • Beet & Goat cheese salad
  • 57 degree duck breast
  • Lamb Shank


  • Pickpocket soda
  • Honey mustard sour
  • Lighthouse




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