Live Celebrity Stirathon by Foodhall

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Tata and Birla have been head to head in making India what it is and it’s not just now, but the age old hard work flowing down the generations which brings them to the respectable position where they stand today. They have been the trendsetters in whatever shoes they step and their latest dive is also uncharted mostly. Foodhall, welcome to the land of exquisite foods from across the globe in full-spread; This is easily your one-stop shop to getting anything you seek from any part of the world, in the freshest possible ways.

Chef Vicky Ratnani with Chef Pooja Dhingra
Chef Vicky Ratnani with Chef Pooja Dhingra

9th April observed a staggering number of walk-ins because of celebrity chefs who made their favorite dishes for people at their live counters, all inspired by the new party chef menu by Foodhall, with names like Vicky Ratnani, Aditya Bal and Pooja Dhingra; the crowd was simply awestruck and had a gala time and great taste of it all.

Foodhall executives
Foodhall executives

The food items are launched for the public now and are freely available to everyone; feel free to stir your connotation of magic. Foodhall is located at DLF Place, Saket.

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