Larger than life- The buffet spread from Latest recipe

Sunday does not rhyme with lazy but that surely is the feeling embedded in most of us around that time and what do you desire when you finally slide out of your bed, after putting all your strength together ? You certainly look for a good, relaxing meal and somewhere in that idea shines a name Latest Recipe, Le Meridien, Gurgaon for the sheer reason of its massive spread of 250 dishes over a brunch buffet.

watermelon feta salad

When Pullman handed over the property to Starwood retaining the same old team was a fine decision, which has paid in leaps and bounds. The executive chef Tanveer Kwatra was the youngest to head a property at that time with his mere age of 27 and over the span of years he has only improved. The property is located on Sector 26, M.G. Road Gurgaon.

The restaurant is located on the ground floor and overlooks the beautiful garden outside. They don’t serve an Amuse bouche considering it’s a buffet but the flavoured drinks like aam-panna, roohafza and imli are a great tongue tickler for the meal to begin.

cheese and salads on display

The general spread from Pan-Asain with a strong focus on Japanese as Tanveer has spent a substantial time there; with Indian and European too. The spread was massive and I could barely touch upon a handful that I would list below-

The California Maki, Okonomayaki and Tacoyaki from the Japanese section, whole smoked chicken and green beans with smoked mushrooms from European and dal tadka and mutton rogan josh with Biryani from Indian.

Coconut Mousse_2_copy
Coconut mousse

The dessert section is also considerably big with fresh ice creams, numerous tarts, cheesecakes and mousse. My favorite here was the coconut mousse with its mushy, silken froth and sublime taste of coconut which would remind me of it days later too.

The place is not that can be deciphered in one go, considering the gigantic offering. The PLF (Pocket Loosening Factor) turns out to be 2500 for 1 and its better to reach by 12 if you want to see the diversity of food.


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