Grill in or give in ?

Winter is here and so the old rusted grillers are out for most of us, who want to soak the weather and grill some food over deep conversations. Commercial establishments i.e. a restaurant wouldn’t also want to lose the same opportunity of business and would happily tap the option of creating a grill festival.

The Great Kabab factory at Radisson Blu marina, Connaught place has curated a grill festival by the name of kababs of the world considering the blissful weather.

The cozy interiors

Their chef Pankaj Kumar Jha has lived in middle-east for a substantial time and has a thrift hand and understanding when it comes to kawabs from across the globe. He has managed to get a number of kawabs from middle-eastern region, which is even the birth place for all the Indian kawabs.

The menu has been carefully designed and split equally between vegetarian and non-vegetarian kawab considering the market. I ordered a number of kawabs ranging from Methi malai bhutte ke seekh and phooljari seekh kawab in vegetarian to Galauti and kakori in non-vegetarian.

Galouti Kabab
Galauti Kawabs, they come with a piece of ulte tawe ka paratha

In my opinion Galauti kawab from Lucknow region was exemplary and there’s hardly any place in NCR that does a galauti that good. I honestly wasn’t expecting it to be that good here for some reasons. It was my first experience with Samak Harra which is chilli fish from Lebanon, this one-dish clearly trumps any form of fish being cooked as an initial course across the length and breathe of India.

Shahjahani Khumb
Shahjahani Khumbh

The Shahjahani khumb from the vegetarian section were chunky sized mushrooms grilled to perfection but that was all this place had to offer me. The malai methi bhutte ke seekh was almost bland with no pungency of either the vegetables or the spices laced.

The bread namely the Sheermal was  like a thick, stubborn piece of gluten slapped on my plate. The real sheermal is white flour dough with Desi ghee, hint of sugar and buffalo milk for maximum fat; the softer it is, the better it is considered to be.

Malai Methi Bhutte ke seekh

The biryani was charred with brown onions and the desserts although had a few selections but the only thing worthwhile was a gulabjamun but hey there must be better places in your neighbourhood doing a much better job when it comes to this simple Indian dessert.

The PLF (pocket loosening factor) is 1299 INR plus taxes for 1, the festival is on till the 15th of December and my suggested orders are Galauti kawab, Samak Harra and Shahjahani Khumbh.

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