Finding Solace With Food In Phuket

Of the trailing array of endless restaurants across the face of Patong beach, I don’t have a taste for any, for 2 major reasons. One is, most of them deploy Indian chefs who are barely trained to do this and bring in handsome Indian flavours to the Thai food and the second one is they charge by the nose.

Although the very idea of overcharging places across the line never disturbed me because I was able to find out a better, far superior alternative in Malin Plaza as a place; but there are times when everyone wants to sit, away from the crowd and enjoy a good flavourful meal instead of rubbing shoulders all day long. Plus Malin plaza is limited to nights only, so I had to find a place for lunch and here it was and You and Me Restaurant.

The place is located on Ban Patong Road, is open for breakfast till night and serves some clean, real and flavourful Thai food. With a limited menu of a handful of Thai and nearby Asian dishes, this is the winner in Patong for not trying to please everyone and doing what they know is right for them.

In my three visits to the place, I ended up ordering more than I could eat but It was all worth a try. The vegetarian is at par with the Non-vegetarian and everyone is looked after well (In a very casual Thai manner, of course). The Thai yellow powder curry is my top recommendation from the place if you happen to walk in here.

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Address: Ban Patong, Phuket, Thailand 83150

Contact Number: +66 95 983 1800

Bilal Vohra
Bilal Vohra
My name is Bilal VOHRA, I was a conventional number-crunching guy soaked in selfless love for food, travel, photography, music and cultural exploration & one fine day I quit my boring desk job as a banker and turned to where I belong. None of this came as easily as I laid it for you but I started writing content as a freelancer with this blog, struggled for years and finally I achieved a certain reputable scale with this blog.

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