Second Last Supper Blog’s Editorial Policy:

In travel/tourism’s journalism or blogging, FAM trips where bloggers are hosted for free or paid for their coverage (blog posts) and/or social media are a standard part of doing business. In food blogging free food or being paid for writing an article is a standard practise. Because of this, we believe it’s more important than ever to be transparent about what is what.

Our aim is to make responsible travel easier and more accessible to travellers with no false information and majority of information based on personal experience and that mission is reflected in the companies that we choose to work with and recommend to you.

On Second Last Supper Blog, you can always count on the

  • All content is copyright to Second Last Supper Blog. All rights are reserved and any copyright infringements will not be tolerated. Where third party images are used, they will be given due credits.
  • We sometimes accept invitations from companies who practise / promote responsible tourism and we are sometimes hosted (e.g. stay without paying for our experience) or are paid by them for our work. We only partner with brands, organisations or accommodations that match Second Last Supper Blog’s values: e.g. a partner must be committed to responsible travel or quality food.
  • Posts that we write as the result of sponsorships by another party will be clearly marked as a Sponsored Post, or that the content is part of a sponsored collaboration at the beginning or end of the blog post.
  • Regardless of whether content has been sponsored or not, our experiences, thoughts and words are always personal and we will provide the reader with our honest opinion about a place to stay, dine, visit or for a product.


  • Affiliate links are compensated links, and offer us a commission on clicks or completed sales if you choose to buy/click something through the link. Commissions are usually a % of the sale amount or a fixed fee; occasionally, we are compensated just for the click on products/ads.
  • On our blog we work with a number of affiliate programs, and affiliate links are used in blog posts and throughout the site.
  • We select affiliate partners carefully, and use affiliate links for products we believe in, recommend, use ourselves and believe are compatible with the values of our blog. Most importantly – If you choose to support us by purchasing something through one of our affiliate links, it does not cost anything extra to you. You will pay the same price as you normally would, however the platform pays us a fee or percentage of the sale revenue as a commission from their own profit margin.
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  • Affiliate programs bring us needed income that we use as compensation for our time spent on this website creating free-to-view content. We are truly grateful for your support and helping us to continue expanding the blog and content available.
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