Diabetic food trail with Tawak

Healthy food and fine dine are 2 separate paths that barely cross tracks. The recent Diabetic food trail which has names like Hyatt & Berco’s has their only entrant from Noida which is Tawak located at Sector 63 pocket.

The limited diabetic menu has few options from the regular menu and few new options thrown in, considering the pre-diabetic, diabetic and health conscious crowd. This would be on till 30th November 2015.

This wasn’t my first visit to the place; I have been to the place just after it opened and I remember the kind of hard-work and customer service Deepankar Arora puts in on a one to one level at every single table, this is one prominent reason for the survival of Tawak in a lone market where there a no unplanned guests who just stroll by.

Thai warm grilled chicken salad

My order started with Thai warm grilled chicken salad which was grilled chicken with bell-peppers and Thai spices, the salad was simple and had nothing to complaint or even rave about. Next in line was Burnt garlic soup with chicken, the soup had great pungent flavour of garlic buds but unfortunately the chicken was missing, although the team was happy to switch it with a fresh one but in my opinion I wouldn’t want to start all over again with a soup.

Burnt garlic soup

For starters my first order was Cantonese steamed fish, I am not new to the dish and the taste of this fish lingers on my taste buds even after a year of my earlier visit and this time also it was nothing different. The Tandoori Phool is a unique dish where Broccoli and cauliflower are bought together as one family with equal respect which barely happens. Both of them were grilled and tossed in tangy spicy marinade.

Steam Fish- TAWAK
Cantonese Steamed fish

An Egg wrapped garlic chicken is a stellar dish with small kofta size balls of minced chicken topped with shreds of egg white, garlic and shallots, the subtle flavours of them all could be individually identified where I personally felt that shallots had an overriding pungency but Deepankar had his views against it, unaffected by our disagreement the dish was quiet different and is definitely worth a try in every sense.

Egg wrapped garlic chicken

From the main course Murgh Roulad lababdar is the riverbank where France meets India. The classic French roulade meets the age old Indian murgh lababdar where minced chicken is stuffed inside grilled chicken and topped with less rich gravy considering the diabetic crowd. A Bengali fish curry was also served where the fish was perfectly cooked, the sauce was made in mustard and curry leaves where I would expect mustard to be more robust making it almost wrap around the fish, which wasn’t the case and it felt like usual light gravy with a very subtle flavour of mustard.

As expected the dessert section only had a fruit platter of assorted fruits and nothing else, which is always the easiest move with diabetic people. The regular menu has some really amazing apple tart ice-cream & masala chai ice-cream inspired by the bacon ice-cream from west which are definitely worth checking out.

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