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Delhi has been the melting pot of varied cultures across the globe. If you are keen to find a Mallu, Bihari, Oriya or a person from any specific culture or place you can find them all here and that is exactly the concept behind the Immigrant project based in B block, Connaught place. I hardly know anyone who was originally a Delhi-ite for maybe 3 generations or so; we are all outsiders but we still take pride and consider this place close to us in every possible sense.


The place has a short staircase, which opens to a big semi-open area, which basically leaves you with an option to sit wherever you feel comfortable. The menu has clearly been curated by thoughtful spending of hours deciding how to exactly mix two different cultures on a plate, and by picking everyday food that has been around us for years but has vastly been ignored, Just for an example I was greeted with Chawanprakash, which is a chawanprash smoothie aptly suited for this blazing cold weather.


Stir-fried chicken with Hoisin & Basil in Betel-leaf
Stir-fried chicken with Hoisin & Basil in Betel-leaf

For starters,we had the very exciting stir fried chicken with Hoisin sauce in betel leaf. On deconstructing, the dish would give us all the amalgamation of cuisines in one simple dish – the Hoisin sauce which is a pungent & dark plum sauce comes from China and Betel leaf, which is traditionally Indian, comes with small chunks of golden-fried chicken. Next up was a great mix of Peruvian Causa done in Japanese Karaage style.

Causa in Karaage style
Peruvian Causa in Karaage style

Immigrant Special khichdi
Immigrant special khichdi

In the mains section I had my go at the immigrant classic khichdi which is home style khichdi done with Arborio rice served with beautifully fragrant ghee on side and the taste was simply matchless.This is one dish that can make me opt for it even above any carnivorous product.The next thing was pasta done in madras spices this was a beautiful blend keeping in mind all the south-Indians that make it to Europe – a taste they would not want to miss.

Madrasi Pasta
Madrasi Pasta

Kalakand cheesecake
Kalakand cheesecake

I could barely make it to the dessert section but I did not dare pass the Kalakand cheese cake, not even in their wildest dreams would one imagine making a cheesecake of kalakand and plating it in between orange reduction but I guess some people who look up to the sky reach there too.

The PLF for the place is 1500 INR for 2, the place can be contacted on (011) 47340432 for prior bookings and the suggestive orders are stir-fried chicken in Betel-leaf, Immigrant special khichdi and Kalakand cheesecake.



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