Black burger: Black-magic or Black-hole?

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For the past almost 2 years the biggest news in burger scene is going black, Japan was the first country who somehow managed to go black with the Burger king’s King-Kuro diamond burger which is all black including the cheese, The quick runner-ups were McDonalds Japan with a black burger called Ikasumi which is a charcoal grey instead. Both rely heavily on squid ink while the Kuro diamond also had bamboo charcoal to ensure the pitch black colour.

This is how it all started with Burger king taking the initial dive in Japan, breaking the taboo of black colour!!
This is how it all started with Burger king taking the initial dive, breaking the taboo of black colour in Japan !!

USA acting clumsy as usual quickly adopted the black-burger becoming the second country to do that, then followed on France for a short while calling it a Darth Vadar, the fact to notice is by the time France adopted it Japan had already discontinued it due to a bad response, then followed on Hong-Kong and now India with Barcelos (located in Khan market) the chain from South Africa with it’s tall and faulty claims of India being the third country in the world that does a black burger and them being the first ones to do it in India. Well both those claims are not true as more than 2 countries have already tested the black-burger and Barcelo’s being the first one in India?  They aren’t even the first one in Delhi, a small outlet in Delhi by name of Dude food located in Satyaniketan market already holds a Dark-Knight burger.

Black Burgers by Barcelos
Black Burgers by Barcelos

That’s mostly the story in and around black burger from across the globe but how good it is? Well I was in Barcelos for a pre-launch session of the burger, which they claim has been blackened by the secret mixture of herbs and edible black colour. On the looks it sure is a distinct beauty miles apart from the same golden brown buns that you would have noticed endless times in your life and still there’s no respite. It’s matt black and looks chunky when plated, on trying it, the bread only has a hint of garlic and little oregano and absolutely nothing has changed except for the looks.

Chicken Black Burger
Chicken Black Burger

The chicken version is slightly a healthier option with a grilled patty swapped for a pan-fried one . On the vegetarian side, they were more generous than usual by placing a patty larger than the diameter of the bun but it worked against them unfortunately as it kept falling apart everytime you try to take it in your hands, all thanks to the minced vegetables inside it.

To me personally food has to strike the balance between the visual appeal and taste to win all corners but just the look is like going to a battle field half prepared where you are bound to fail unless you stumble into someone as Gareth Pugh because he said- “I think in black”.

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      • Yes I am… i also like to write reviews on restaurants and boutiques, shops that sell interesting stuff like jwellery etc… i haven’t really tried but i share my reviewsand opinionswith my friends…

      • Actually, my favourite thing to do besides accessory shopping is to try various coffee shops in town and in different countries that I travel to. The other favourite thing i often do is go to high tea buffets with friends and other continental and international buffets with friends. I don’t really know if buffets are a smart choice of eating out but for me being able to try a little from a large variety of food makes it a good deal. Besides that i love desserts that are not too sweet and cakes are my favourite. I dont think there is a smarter option than a buffet to try out a few petite squares, brownies, cakes and some shots of mousses. When it comes to evening relaxation, my laptop, myself a mug of cafe late or cappuccino and a slice of mango mousse cake or death by chocolate cake would be it. BLISS… and if God would hear me, id ask for a rainy evening too.. 🙂

        • I can’t stop laughing… I was a total coffee freak too >< I could have it anytime, luckily my body responds normally to the caffeine now. 😀
          Well buffets are great options if you know where to stop else your diameter grows and grows and I so love sweets I could have a meal on it . if Allah was listening I would ask for lifelong travel, love, for music and peace with a physique of a MMA level 😉

          • Haha, who wouldn’t want to be able to eat everything they love and still stay slim and slender? That would be a blessing. But i guess a regular workout would keep us away from over eating and eating too many unhealthy food. When I use to go to the gym during college days, when i thought about how many minutes I must run on a treadmill to lose the calory in a single choc chip muffin, i would happily pass by the famous amouse confectionary and smile at myself for not giving in to that temtation. I would only give into the temtation once in a while, when i am too bored of feeding myself d half a footer wholemeal bread sandwich at subway every single bloody day…. after every bite looking like a cow chewing on greens… drinking sparkling water telling myself ‘now thats your soda girl…’

          • Haha that’s funny, I have had that phase when I would eat oats, fruits, yogurt, greens and so much more it did get me my 6 pack and lot more but not thanks to me working as a food critic those muscles are well protected under a thick layer of lard cause I can’t stop eating 😀

          • Haha…. r u working for a particular organization?.. bw have u watched that food travelling something show on NDTV. The host in that programme always makes me hungry and i envy that woman for not becoming fat one bit.

          • Naa this ones a women.. ill find out the show.. the 2 big men programme goes on discovery or natgeo i guess… what a foodeliciouse chat it was wth u this evening.. woah!!…


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