Bijoli Grill, Banga Bhawan

After 3 long months in Dubai, I got back to Delhi for a while and it didn’t take me much time to carry forward my series of experience at state bhawans; which remain widely ignored by the majority of public. In fact, it amuses me when Delhi people ask me “is it open to the public?” because this is the same lot who would be omnipresent at any new cafe/restaurant that just opened in the capital. They would have been to the fanciest of places but not to simple state-run canteens.

Begali Style fish in mustard cooked in banana leaf
Bhetki Paturi

Now, unfortunately, talking of canteens, not all of them happen to be state-run. A good lot of them have been outsourced to better-known restaurants/caterers across Delhi, killing the homely “walk-in anytime” feel of it. The case was similar with Leg 6 of my #BhawanTrail which happened at Banga Bhawan, located at Hailey Road, near Connaught  Place or right behind Agrasen Ki Baoli.

This one is being run by Bijoli Grill, the lesser-known Bengali place located in Shahpur Jat. The place does not look like a canteen; in fact, the look and feel is more of an old-school dine out retro from 90’s era with the simpler interior but the prices are certainly contemporary. The place is divided into a family as well as general section and service is laid back, which is OK for a canteen.

special bengali thali with plain rice, ghee bhaat, mung dal, bhaji mutton, kasha bhetki, paturi papad, chutney, misti doi
Special Thali (clockwise from left Misti Doi, Chutney, Mutton Kasha, Dal, Bhetki Paturi, Bhaji, Ghee Baath, Plain Rice & Papad)

Ordered a Special Thali and a Pabda Jhol. The Thali came highly recommended by the in-house team. It certainly serves more than 1 person with Plain Rice, Ghee Bhaat, Moong Dal, Mutton Kasha, Bhetki Paturi, Bhaji, Papad, Chatni & Misti Doi which serves as a kick of sleeping pills. The Ghee Bhaat was lightly hinted with ghee, unlike the dripping ghee version of rice that comes from Rajasthan. Dal was a plain boiled one, the fish was tender and tasted great but it was the mutton that was the head-turner. Cooked perfectly well with a great mix of spices.

The mango chutney done as a stew was stellar too, the mishti-doi was just ok with less than expected consistency. The Pabda was nothing great either, with a very light gravy and not a good portion of fish served, it is completely ignorable.

Fish in Spicy Gravy bangali style
Pabda Jhal

The Thali is a good bet for a day when you don’t have much work after this meal, else you’d simply doze off or maybe the price tag of 600 INR would keep you awake.


Special Thali – INR 600

Pabda Jhol – INR 320

Quick Run

Address: 3 Hailey Road, Banga Bhawan, Barakhamba Road (Behind Agrasen Ki Baoli)

Timing: 1300 to 1600 & 1800 to 2200

Contact Number: 011-33105678

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  1. Great review. 🙂
    In kolkata Bijoli grill is very famous for it’s catering service. In every posh wedding you will find them. I have been to the Banga Bhavan for several times. I can’t say they serve the best Bengali dishs but as you said the quality and quantity is okay kind of. For a while it is ok.

    • I’m glad you agree with it, I’ve been to Calcutta numerous times and have explored the city in complete peace. This place is just a little brush in the name of bengali


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