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A miniscule place underplayed in the shadows of Mcloedgang I.e. the territory of Dalia Lama, although this place holds great significance to Hindu’s of the nation with an old Shiva temple where a lot of people come to from nearby places but is still not that commercial. This temple was initially worshiped by 14 Gurkha rifles which even have great significance in relation to the First World War.

A view around the falls
A view around the falls

Although the temple should be the one with all the relevance to the place but somehow it has taken a back seat as compared to the rightful waterfall present here which is an absolute beauty to see here anybody coming to the nearby area should take out some time to visit the place it is rejuvenating even to see a sight like this.

The devil parked, on the way to top!!
The devil parked, on the way to top!!

All you need to do is stand near the starting of staircase and you see the magnitude of whole waterfall slowing down thru the rocky ways and there are around 1000 stairs hurdle before you can reach the apex point of the fall. In my repeated trips to the place I have realized that somehow its not for everyone to reach the top as initially there are numerous stairs then around the top there is a tricky rock which needs to be conquered and somehow its not for the faint hearted but if you do manage to push yourself beyond the spot you reach the base of fall where the water is as fresh as anything because this is it’s first escape point.You can bathe, relax and swim all you want.

Bhagsu fall
Bhagsu fall

The place not only has serene nature but also some good food all thanks to the number of cafes in the area which are mostly run by number of Israeli settlers who fell in love with the place. You have king size breakfasts and sumptuous meals in about 100 INR or so. There are great number of people peddling drugs freely here but the choice of drug is always yours mine has always been travel, food and music.


  • Get there-By air Gaggal airport-17 km, By train Pathankot-87 km, By road from Delhi 512 km
  • Stay- Numerous budget lodges.
  • Eat- German bakery, tea shops around the entrance.
  • Good for- Hiking, food & Natural beauty.
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