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I mostly like to plan my trips completely on my own, I read and research extensively before I book a hotel, flight or any possible place I want to visit and experience which honestly speaking costs a lot of time. I will compile a list of best hotels in Mauritius so you don’t keep wondering where to stay in Mauritius.

Of all the tourists that visit Mauritius, the majority can be split into 2 categories. One is the honeymoon couple and another one is the family traveller. There is only a small portion of single travellers like me, who just want to explore things at peace all alone. For the first time in all my travel, I wanted to experience a complete array of hotels in Mauritius ie ranging from expensive to cheaper ones. Remember, as pointed out earlier in my post named Mauritius Travel Guide there aren’t really cheap hotels in Mauritius.

Mauritius is south of equator line and the weather here is inverted for most of the folks. May, June and July are winters, while November to February in Mauritius is summertime. The place is a tropical island and experiences major tourist footfall in summers and winters is lean. Since I am an Indian, I wanted to escape the summers in my country and May worked perfectly well for me. The choice of hotels in Mauritius would also depend on weather and kind of experience anyone wants to gain and I will list the same below.

Northern Mauritius

Areas – Grand Bay & Pereybere

Pros – Best beaches in Mauritius, Mauritian street food and walking distance to almost everything

Cons – No Cheap hotels, Hot and Humid Weather

Ideal for – Honeymoon couples, young families and singles who want to enjoy the nightlife in Mauritius

Weather – Hottest

Cost – Expensive

Best Stay Options – Ocean Villa, The Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa or 20 Degree SUD

Details – This is where the party’s at, all youngsters want to stay here. Hop from one beach to another and enjoy endless watersports. The best part is most of the places are at walking distance, so it is highly unlikely that you will get bored here anytime soon.  I have a complete detailed article on Best things to do in Northern Mauritius you can read the same if you are wondering where to go and what to do in Mauritius. I stayed in Ocean Villa and it was heavenly, could not expect a better view or food. I would highly suggest you check out the same.

Southern Mauritius

Areas – La Morne, near Blue Bay, Souillac

Pros – Scarcely populated, cleanest area and lots of local culture

Cons – Day ends at 7 pm, then its only you and your solace, scarce public transport

Ideal for – Honeymoon couples who want time with each other and don’t want crowd, middle-age family looking for peace.

Weather – Coolest in Mauritius

Cost – At par with North

Best Stay Options – Andrea Lodges, St. Regis Le Morne, Here Paradise

Details – The south remains to be the place of locals, everything slows down here as you come from the north. The roads are filled with Mauritian local food like Dholl Puri, Farata and Roti. You can read about the same in detail on this blog There are beautiful places to visit like the Blue Bay, Le Morne and Crystal Rock. Andrea remains to be my choice as a south Mauritius hotel, it’s beautifully nested on a cliff in the southernmost cliff between sugarcane fields. The view from the bed is breath-taking.

Western Mauritius

Areas– Flic En Flac

Pros – Smaller party area, Fishing, less crowded than Grand Baie

Cons – Lesser options to party or stay than north

Ideal for – People who want to party yet want their own peace, few steps and you’ll be in complete peace. The party area is limited to one main street.

Weather – Soothing and Mild

Cost – Relatively cheaper than North or South

Best Stay Options – Beautiful Bayview Duplex, Les Orchidées Complex

Details – Flic En Flac is a safe mix of Grand Baie and Blue bay area. It is peaceful and laid back and also has some nightlife, not like Grand Baie though. If you are the kind who likes to go out enjoy and then get back chill by the beach on his own terms, then Flic En Flac is the place for you.

Eastern Mauritius

Details – Eastern Mauritius hotels as well as the area is still under development stage and not a preferred option for tourists as well as locals, It’s mostly jungle and a few smaller villages. Although there are few village options to stay I would suggest against going into such an area. It’s better to choose an area with a relatively mixed population and tourists.

Bilal Vohra
Bilal Vohra
My name is Bilal VOHRA, I was a conventional number-crunching guy soaked in selfless love for food, travel, photography, music and cultural exploration & one fine day I quit my boring desk job as a banker and turned to where I belong. None of this came as easily as I laid it for you but I started writing content as a freelancer with this blog, struggled for years and finally I achieved a certain reputable scale with this blog.

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