Best of Northern Mauritius

North of Mauritius is where the party is, the majority of foreigners flock into this place to relax, party and enjoy their honeymoon. The place has the best beaches and really great local food. When I as an Indian say this is great street food then it definitely is, a lot has been inspired by my own country but has evolved with time and got mixed with other imports/cultures.

The place to stay here is Grand Bay area, although there would be a major struggle in finding a cheap option as pointed out earlier here but, you can still find relatively cheaper options. I opted for Ocean Villas Hotel which is a wonderful place to relax and just slow down your pace over great food and view. I booked the pool view resorts which is second most expensive but worth the views if you like to wake up early or have a knack for photography.

Sunset Time
Sunset In Mauritius

Without further ado, I will bring you to the best possible list of options in my opinion-

Best attractions in northern Mauritius

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden – Commonly known as SSR garden or Pamplemousse garden. This is a botanical garden which in parts depicts the flourishing history of Mauritius and its reliance on sugar production, as a major GDP player. Majorly set up by the Britishers that moved here early but later handed over to the locals. The park is dedicated to Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam who was the first Prime Minister of Mauritius and is a celebrated figure here.

SSR Garden / Pamplemousse garden
SSR / Pamplemousse garden

Clean Beaches – The north has the best beaches, the water is absolutely crystal clear which is unusual with the amount of tourist you see around. Although there are many beaches in this area my favourite one was La Cuvette, which was the cleanest, small and relatively empty.

La Cuvette Beach in Grand Bay Northern Mauritius
La Cuvette Beach

The Red Roof Chapel – This is as north as the island gets, it was actually a point where a local commander fought the British when they attacked the Island, this is also known as Notre Dame of Mauritius.

Water Sports – North is the probably the only place where they most of unique water sports like underwater sea walk, underwater scooter, submarine, deep-sea fishing, cave sea kayaking and Dolphin swimming to name a few.

Eat Local Food – I tried some of the best local street food in and around Grand Baie with things like Boulettes from Ti Kouloir and the grills from Sarbon Burger & Grill. The food in my hotel cafe was also stellar and if you can try that, do not miss it.

Boulettes known as Momo, dumplings, sui mai across the globe
Boulettes just like Dumplings

Party Nights – The place is bustling with Discs, clubs, bars and lounges. If you enjoy them make sure you check out the area near Grand Baie La Croisette or if you’re like me then enjoy the walk at night by the beach, sleep and wake up early.

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