My name is Bilal VOHRA, I was a conventional number-crunching guy soaked in selfless love for food, travel, photography, music and cultural exploration & one fine day I quit my boring desk job as a banker and turned to where I belong. None of this came as easily as I laid it for you but I started writing content as a freelancer with this blog, struggled for years and finally I achieved a certain reputable scale with this blog.

Then the uncertain happened and for some strange reason I could not move out of WordPress when I desperately wanted to be self-hosted, the unimaginable finally happened after 3 years and I could not even write 1 post and had almost lost all hopes on this blog. The good part, well I developed my skills on content marketing and over digital strategy and scaled up the ladder multifold in the field and travelled a good bit.

Now, my days are generally consumed in strategising marketing plans for reputed companies and I try to travel atleast 2 times a year to expand my horizon. I have picked up other things that I am keen about like Horology and reading extensively but I don’t want this space to be a mixed jam. So. I will keep only Food and Travel here with extensive focus on Budget and Halal Travel ideas.

As for you,  don’t refrain yourself from this little project. You are welcome to comment, criticize, love & share this with your near and dear ones, I’d be glad to hear from you too. Let’s create some happy chaos together. If you are motivated to write for this blog or feel I can help you in any possible way, please write to me through the contact section.

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