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Every artist is unique; there aren’t any 2 artists in the world that would think of painting a white board with the same piece of imagination or 2 sculptors that imagine the same figurine in head before they start carving it out. A chef is an artist of same calibre; everyone would imagine something different even though they have same ingredients and herbs to play with. Even if they make the same dish, it would still be different in plating or flavours.

Same is the case with La Piazza, Hyatt. Since Chef Alessandro Sandrolini has stepped into the spot of Chef Luca Digirolama a new menu has been crafted by him. This has happened after 23 long years, if we rule out the little tweaks done year on year.  An establishment of this scale does not rely on charming the new customers rather it has a strong percentage of fixed clientele which keeps the ball rolling. Honestly that’s should be the target for any new or old establishment, have a larger chunk of pie coming back again and again.

Risotto con pomodoro fresco burrato e basilica (Tomato,burrata, basil)
Risotto con Burrata e Basilica

The fare is now simpler and mostly old school, which is what I personally prefer. Like the simple Risotto topped with Burrata and basil fits right into the spot of comfort food as well as a fine dine meal and should be considered a blessing from La Piazza. Go give it a try!!

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