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Why planet probing?

In between nowhere and somwhere
In between nowhere and somewhere

I’d say why not this is simply my documentation of all the travel I have done and would be doing here on. I guess I have traveled a good lot of my country and not so much of cross border but this is where I start my journey of past, present & future with small crisp to the point memoirs of self exploration.

I have no restrictions or reservations against any place although I’d have preferences of which one to start with but there’s sure no place where I don’t want to visit may it be Bolivia, Somalia or Gaza although I have a few must visits or should I say preferences which would be places like Iceland, Skye, Perth, Sicily, Gdansk and a lot more.

This is where I would be aligning my senses, seeking solace, hunting for street-food & running around on shoe-strings only to turn back and see how glorified the whole run was.

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