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The victorious food of Zizo

It has been over a year when Zizo opened with all pomp and show shutting a lot of walls in the hole i.e. standalone vendors and creating a new league of restaurants serving Lebanese cuisine. The place opened in K- block of Connaught place opposite PVR which is a easy to locate and prominent place for anyone who hasn’t been here yet.

spices and inside
The eye catcher

The Lebanese cuisine being an integral part of Mediterranean cuisine has always had a great liking across the globe and the response here in Delhi hasn’t been different either. The concentration is food and not party or cheap deals for them which is the unfortunate case for most of the new places in town now.

Spicy Hummus 290
Spicy Humus with Khabus

The menu is extensive and tries to focus on the simple everyday dishes, which have worked well for most of us; as for most of us Lebanese was mostly about Shawarma. I tried to order a mix of usual and new dishes and I started with a Spicy Hummus which unlike the usual hummus has some chillies grinded into the paste, comes along fresh soft khabus unlike the hard and pre-baked ones available around the market. This was soft and warm as a chapati and would work well with most of Indian food too.

Lamb Manoushe-Lahm Bi'ajeen-360
Lamb Manoushe

A Lamb Manoushe is a hard baked bread topped with minced meat and hint of Mediterranean spices served in a round platter like a pizza but it does not have much toppings, sauces or even dressings and the base is extremely thin, in a picture it might look like a pizza but its quiet different. People who are in for meat treat should definitely order the Mixed grill which has 2 each pieces of mutton seekh  kawab, chicken kawab and chicken touk with vegetables and potato wedges.

Mixed grill 590
Non-vegetarian mixed grill
Oriental leg of lamb 690
Oriental leg of lamb

An Oriental Leg of Lamb is a dish that shocked me a good bit when I inquired how much does it take to prepare it, the answer came 10 minutes. I was quiet certain right away that this is definitely not a complete leg of lamb i.e. raan. In the committed time span a plate with caramelised rice topped with a morsel of raan was placed in front as a call of confirmation. The meat was tender cooked but somehow this wasn’t what I would expect of something remotely called leg of lamb.

The total damage for this was INR 1930 which was paid in full away from the tip amount.

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