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The Cult of Soi 11

Trip to Bangkok

As mentioned in my earlier post, Soi 11 is the place for all the party and fun in Sukhamvit. The place is like a regular lane during the day but once the sun goes days, it has a completely new look and feel. The lane has a bustling local street-food scene, although it’s not the cheapest option but certainly serves the purpose for ones who party hard and then want to grab a local meal without burning a hole in the pocket.

Soi 11

As a complete package of party, food and hotels there are very less lanes across Sukhamvit that would match the level of Soi 11. The lane is flooded with party options but Levels club is the most preferred one amongst the local as well as foreigners. Combining elements of a terraced bar, classy lounge, and a box-like clubbing room that has one of the best sound-systems in the city, Levels covers a lot of musical ground and tries to provide a little something for everyone. Occasionally they charge an entry fee for special events or on nights with international DJ’s, but it’s usually free entry.

The carts at Soi 11

After your party hopping scene if you are hungry, my top pics for you would be Bed supper club, Tapas café  or the 2 local carts towards the end of the road. As mentioned earlier the local carts, don’t offer the best or the cheapest options but its worth a try and are certainly cheaper than the other 2 mentioned.

The cart i ate at 

The right frame of mind to visit Soi 11 is with a very open mind, to accept thing as they come. It is a micro image of colourful Thailand projected in a lane.

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