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Halal Travel

Sunset View from Black River Gorges National Park

Mauritius Travel Guide

The Idea– In comparison to a European or American, for an Indian passport holder there are relatively lesser options to just backpack and go. The procedure is slightly longer with pre-applying of a visa but that does not mean there aren’t enough worthy options to start with. Mauritius is mostly a honeymoon destination for the…
Black and White Portrait of a Young Girl in Sukhamvit Bangkok

The Essential Guide for Sukhamvit

Bangkok is currently split in two broader areas of Silom and Sukhamvit. Silom is the old settlement of city, where more residents stay while Sukhamvit is fairly new, attracts a lot of tourists and newbies and is livelier. Till the mid 90’s Silom used to be the preferred destination for tourists and business hunters but…
The Bustling Bangkok Life under the Blue Sky

Bangkok Travel Guide

The Idea– For majority for Indians the idea of foreign trip is visiting Thailand; that is because of numerous obvious reasons. It is cheap (biggest reason) on stay, tickets and visa which basically means cheap all-rounder. The shopping is dirt cheap, it’s not a long travel; most people are ok to adjust with seafood, if…
Beach view of clean beaches in Phuket

Phuket Travel Guide

The Idea – India being the one of the cheapest travel destination gets millions of tourist every year but what about someone from this cheap country who plans to go out and see the world. Where does someone from a perpetually cheap and low per-capita income country head to? Well, It ain’t that tough, he…