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Bijoli Grill, Banga Bhawan

After 3 long months in Dubai, I got back to Delhi for a while and it didn’t take me much time to carry forward...

Jammu & Kashmir House

The leg 5 of my #BhawanTrail  was quiet like the Gujrat one, where I went someplace else and could not make it here on...

Maharashtra Sadan

The Leg 4 of my #BhawanTrail happened at #MaharastraSadan over some super spicy and nostalgic food. The place is not a makeshift one; its a fully...

Gujarat Bhawan

Got a little respite from heat and I rushed for my #BhawanTrail leg 3. Hoped to go to Odisha niwas but to my disappointment,...

Viva O Viva, Goa Niwas

The new section of my blog, which talks about the wide array of state canteens available across Delhi.

Samrudhi, Kerala Bhawan

Delhi being the capital city enjoys a number of benefits which no other Indian city has, one of them is having a state-house/bhawan for...
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