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Stepping-up with Liebster

There couldn’t have been better news for me personally than for this blog, which is not even a year old, to have been nominated for the Liebster award by Adi.You can read her about me here and enjoy the more than occasional rants ><1 liebsterblogaward

She has been kind enough to ask only 5 questions instead of 11 and here goes the answer to each one of them-

Question– If you’ve had a really long and tiring day, what’s guaranteed to make you smile?

Answer– Some good sleep mostly if I can’t afford that due to some reason then music is my resort.

Question– Who is the most important person in your life? When was the last time you let them know how important they are to you?

Answer-Selecting one could be tough but I guess all my family is equally important to me and there’s no denial of it.

Question– Have you met anyone in the blog world who you’ve really connected with? Tell us a little bit about them!

Answer– Adi, I guess I’m very well connected with the lady. She’s of great help with a lot of random stuff on my blog. She runs the happy lifeaholic, and rants a lot more than usual but I guess it’s a phase everyone passes through which would hopefully reduce with time.

Question– What’s your favorite food?

Answer– That’s a wrong question to someone who is a part of this industry solely by choice, I cannot be biased with food. I guess my love for sheermal, chicken korma, mutton stew, blueberry cheesecake, jalebi and burgers is all same.

Question– Do you have a childhood memory that stands out most to you? Is it happy? Sad? Why is it important to you?

Answer– I have so many memories from my old home where I lived only till the age of 4 from spinning tops to flying kites and eating all day, the feeling is still unmatched by anything.

Spinning the top in hand
Spinning the top in hand

I plan to skip the random facts; if you are still keen on digging, get in touch and spend time – you’d explore everything over time.


For the nominations, I’ll try and nominate as many as I can. I can’t guarantee 11 in specific though-

Ya Baki Entel Baki

Some Good Eats

Wandering Story Teller

Smiling To Life

Through The lanes

The India Reverted Muslimah

Morbidity Pseudoalegre

Anemina Travels

Travel Drifter

Decomposing Jaime

Meals And Reels

The count just fits the prescribed mould 😀

4 screenshot_2015-01-30-17-03-472

The questions I am putting forth for you all are-

  1. What’s your first reaction on being nominated?
  2. How long have you been blogging and why?
  3. How do you motivate yourself to continue your blog?
  4. Top 5 things on your bucket-list ?
  5. How do you connect to the one in mirror?
  6. Your idea of relaxation?
  7. Top 3 things you want to do if the world wasn’t noticing?

I guess these 7 are enough to bell the cat, If you are keen on answering more; please feel free to push the random facts in 🙂 Hope to see all those beautiful answers soon!!

37 thoughts on “Stepping-up with Liebster

      • impeccablemua

        Well, this is just 4 d sake of d question. .. wch i dint edpect to b bounced at me… but yeah if gog wasnt noticing (at all)
        1. I’d wanna try drinking (just to see what getting drunk feels like) but as a muslim never had dis temptation or anything so yeah again its just 4 d qs.. id xplain no more 😉
        2. May b shop around NYC wearing no hijab
        3. 3rd one is a secret… let ur imaginations decide…lol

        • Bilal

          Well, who knew :D, my imagination can run from pillar to post in a fraction and covers all possible shades from white to black so really there can be infinite options 🙂

          • impeccablemua

            But having thought abt it after i posted this comment….as a matter of fact it occured to me while in salah that i dont want Allah to unnotice neither do i want to smoke or drink.. it should be that way.. let it be 🙂

          • Bilal

            Its ok sister, i took it in lighter vein already.. 🙂 I know a dedicated one wont simply go astray !!

          • Bilal

            Shukriya sister , im not a saint just trying to be a better man 🙂

  1. impeccablemua

    I have nominated you for the free style writing challenge pls try it out.. i wonder why it has gone unnoticed by some of my nominees.. 🙁

    • Bilal

      Oh how sweet sister, i didnt get any notofication.. let me find it on your blog 🙂

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