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Gujarat Bhawan

Sweet food at Gujrat Bhawan

Got a little respite from heat and I rushed for my #BhawanTrail leg 3. Hoped to go to Odisha niwas but to my disappointment, they have permanently shut their canteen. The time was already around 3, hence i looked for options close by and found #GujratBhawan. Without any waste of time, i made my way in.

The Thali at Gujrat Bhawan

Considering the fact that i was so late, some of the vegetables were replaced with others and so was the dessert.
The first (clockwise) dark looking vegetable in the bowl is a potato gravy which was genuinely spicy, don’t know if that’s Gujarati or not but the other two pulses served were good.
For a price of 140 for the special thali and unlimited run on so many items, I’d say it’s not a bad bet for a try.

Menu for the day, which is mostly same everyday


Special Thali – INR 140

Quick Run

Address: 11, Kautilya Marg, Chanakya Puri

Timing: 0800 to 1000, 1230 to 1430 & 1930 to 2200

Contact Number: 011-46273200



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