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Delhi being the capital enjoys great number of varied festivals that keep the city on their feet for whatever their liking maybe and Luxury is something that is well associated with dearth of Punjabi’s living here who like to splurge and make sure its noticed well by others. A similar high-end festival happened on 20th December in ECNON sports village sector 151, Noida by name of Luxury Glam show held by the Newsbench group. The show was everything but subtle with fancy food, Luxury car displays, fashion shows, dance performance and live DJ. The who’s who of NCR could be spotted here sipping to glory and taking a break from their hectic schedules. This place even saw a soft launch of a completely new concept of health foods by a brand just launched in India by name of Food spa.

Mr Tanvir Logani
Mr Tanvir Logani

Now Food spa is something new for majority Indians even those who are well obsesses with fitness diets and regimes would be a a little surprised by the concept and deep study involved in making this brands individual product. This is being run by a former US-based basketball professional who has even played for NCAA Mr. Tanvir Logani.

He has put in years of personal knowledge as well as garnered knowledge from fitness trainers and dieticians behind this brand to bring you the best. The underlying idea is far from what we follow generally, as this brand advocates you to go high on fats and protein to stay lean and keep the carbohydrates to minimal levels. We were lucky to try some of the things that would make it as complete meal in the forthcoming time.

Coconut soul
Coconut soul

We tried some great experimental food like chocolates done in coconut sugar, Gluten-free cookies, fresh-baked cake, Sushi with brown rice, Coconut soul and Kehwa. The food not only tastes good but was healthy too and that’s the whole idea behind the brand that healthy food can taste good too, so it’s not that tough to stay in shape.

Healthy shortcakes
Healthy shortcakes

The brand is about to go public in the coming months with food packages to be delivered to your doorstep as well as fitness program that monitors you all day. For any details you can get in touch with the team behind the act at


    • Yeah you spend money, you mostly land on good side (hopefully) .. It was average tasty but very healthy something that you should opt for if you plan to stay fit and still eat some good looking food 🙂


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