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In and Around Phuket

Seating Area of Keemala Resort Phuket

Top 5 facts about Keemala

Although im a shoestring traveller who spends the least possible on a clean place to sleep, there are handful places that just drag me to my knees until I get there. That was the case with me and Keemala resorts, Phuket. Unless you come from Amazonian jungles, the Keemala resort located near Kamala beach in…
Beach view of clean beaches in Phuket

Phuket Travel Guide

The Idea – India being the one of the cheapest travel destination gets millions of tourist every year but what about someone from this cheap country who plans to go out and see the world. Where does someone from a perpetually cheap and low per-capita income country head to? Well, It ain’t that tough, he…