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Sundardhunga – My finest trek ever!! (Par-2)

This was Dudiadhong for us, our worst nightmare, out of 6 we were already split in 2 teams where team A was roughly an...

Sundardhunga -My finest trek ever!! (Part-1)

Trekking was always something I looked up to since my graduation, that’s when I was introduced to it. My graduation was from Pune and...

Triund- A short strided heaven

shortest beautiful trek in the lap of Dauldhar

Dharamsala in 24 hours

Dharamsala, as we know it, is the most prominent part of Kangra valley in Himachal Pradesh,which is even home to Dalai-lama in a small...


The Israeli food hub!!


A miniscule place underplayed in the shadows of Mcloedgang I.e. the territory of Dalia Lama, although this place holds great significance to Hindu’s of...

Mcloedganj- A budget ride to heaven

If in all your glory of existence you couldn’t connect to yourself or atleast you have that feeling somewhere buried inside then weep no...