The Origins Series

All the travel experience garnered from across the globe in every possible way.

Seek what you need

Rôti Sans Pareil

As promised from my post of 20th August 2015 titled “unearthing of the lost” ,here I am with the first article for my series...

Deconstructing our humble Biryani

No matter which region of the world you hail from but there is an intimate connection you hold with this unanimously known and omnipresent...

Paan- The age-old afrodisiac

Paan and all the stories crafted in confusion!!


The delicacy of Kanpur

Tibetan delight

Tibetan Delight

The Unsettled Dispute of Nihari

Nihari or the modern day Nahari as we embrace it today traces its roots back to 18th century cental Asians who came to Indian...