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Food Reviews

Could be an Invite or a spy-delight!!!

Pamphilos-The friend of all

Pamphilos is a Greek word which means “friend of everyone” and that is the name cum approach of a new place in GK-1,N block market. It is a niche market tucked in one southern end of Greater Kailash market. The owner/partner Yasheel Singh says he wants to revive the lost part of customer service and…

Indianness version 2.0

Progressive Indian cuisine has been the focus for the past 2 years and you realize you have attained some level at it when you can possibly consummate something from two extreme ends, just like Lights Camera Action from Rajouri Garden does with bringing along our humble old school chaat and modern day nitrogen for cryogenic…

Unwind with rewind!!!

Old Delhi is never gonna earn a breather, somewhere in some part of Delhi, is always singing the tune of this place either by simply visiting the place or getting the food ordered here; But the road less traveled is taken by few chefs who hail from the place and curate a complete festival in…

The health food galore!!

The number of food outlets we have in Delhi are countless for now, by the time you count the existing ones, there would a healthy number of new ones and you’d be starting all over again. Health food is still a section that hasn’t been widely explored and few new entrants are taking that wide…

21 August 2015

My article for Pioneer on Carls Jr/ Hardy’s the latest burger debutante from California, U.S.A. Their view and understanding of Indian market plus a comparison with Wendy’s and Johnny Rockets. All details and link to it is listed below- Carls Jr lauch Please punch in your likes and comments below. Thank-you

Unearthing of the lost !!

In the past 2 decades we have connoisseurs, curators , critics and historians all specifically for food. what’s breaking to the obvious next level is a reviver. Someone who is the lone torch bearer for a cuisine or recipe. India unfortunately does not have its food history documented in a proper text for unknown reasons,…

07 August 2015

My fresh article for Pioneer newspaper, about a quaint restaurant in Aurobindo market named The backyard. All details and the links are listed below- The Backyard, Aurobindo Market Please like and comment if you liked my article and photography 🙂

31 July 2015

My second article for The Pioneer newspaper, where i check out the Awadhi fare laid by Chef Izzat Hussian and Ashish Chopra at Indiyaki, Radisson Blu- Paschim Vihar, New Delhi. Awadhi Food Festival at Indiyaki Please check the link and let me know if you like it. Thank-you