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Delhi being the capital enjoys some benefits which no other Indian city can afford, one of them is having a state house with its own canteen. That was my reason to visit them one by one and write about my experience.

Mutton Curry

Maharashtra Sadan

The Leg 4 of my #BhawanTrail happened at #MaharastraSadan over some super spicy and nostalgic food. The place is not a makeshift one; its a fully functional small scale cafe, unlike other state house canteens. They run a full course of breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner from 7am to 11pm every single day. The menu has some…
Sweet food at Gujrat Bhawan

Gujarat Bhawan

Got a little respite from heat and I rushed for my #BhawanTrail leg 3. Hoped to go to Odisha niwas but to my disappointment, they have permanently shut their canteen. The time was already around 3, hence i looked for options close by and found #GujratBhawan. Without any waste of time, i made my way…
Fry Fish at Kerala Bhawan New Delhi

Samrudhi, Kerala Bhawan

Delhi being the capital city enjoys a number of benefits which no other Indian city has, one of them is having a state-house/bhawan for every Indian state to accommodate and help people from their state. The good thing that i found is, all of them have a canteen, which serves authentic cuisine from their region.…