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Cafe Torque

My Indispensable love for bikes has taken me so many places and here is one more, The newly opened Cafe Torque in Vasant Vihar. A new impressive set-up with a real R1, A custom and a life size model of a classic parked inside the café and they are up for sale too. The café goes a step ahead with smart interiors done with knick knacks of actual motorable pieces like a world map done with chains and bolts, A tissue paper holder made of sprocket and toilet tap smarty replaced by fuel dispenser . To honor the bikers they do a complimentary breakfast every Sunday morning for all riders in town.

You flip the menu and you see a large number of badass selections from drinks to starters, main course and even the smothering desserts. I started off with Cucumber and mint mocktail which was tailored to perfection then finger foods as Chipotle chicken and Cheese poppers for finger foods and Malay laksa Soup to follow, The poppers were nice and fiery like a ranting bike but the Laksa was a little too liquid I feel a little more thickness could have done justice my bowl.

Next up was Fish Skewer, Prawn Stars , twisted lamb kawab . The Fish skewer done perfectly with that peri peri giving it just the right amount of heat and so was the Lamb kawab grilled well with some saute mushroom on top .The peri peri heat made me order another drink that goes by name of Direct Currant and is an amazing mix of Blueberry , Apple juice and black currant Ice-cream . This was something I could sip all day it was unexpectedly light and had amzing blend of textures to it.

My next level was the real kick of meat with Torque Club sandwich, The brotherhood trump and Armour burger. The brotherhood was a great choice with amazingly glazed thick patty of mutton on the other hand  Armour was a big miss with Tenderloin staying undercooked and not justifying the whole burger pact. Torque club sandwich with that blandness is miss worthy too. I garnered all my strength post this to head to Chicken Tikka masala , Lamb Chops and a steak .Chicken tikka masala was ordinary with blandness on gravy and lamb chops and Steak were only understated rare instead of medium or medium rare.

Last leg was the expected Tuxedo cake with layering of dark and white chocolate , The Brownie and Apple rings . The cake and the brownie makes your tongue roll in all corner of your little mouth bouncing with flavours .The apple rings although innovative fall short because of their subtle taste and only caramel as its saving grace. The final leg was Paan-asian Mohito is what makes you all starry eyed with smart cooling effect till the last sip pulled off from the very basic paan ingredients.

The cake
The cake

2 thoughts on “Cafe Torque

  1. atique

    The food detail was awesome and the supporting photos also depicted the style but what I liked most was the snap of the loo with petrol filling nozzle. Would like to know the idea of putting the nozzle there ?

    • Admin

      Thank you it’s just a quirky style of doing the same and keeping it parallel to the theme.

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