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“When you’re good at something, never do it for free” JOKER
Hence you don’t see me smiling!!!

My name is Bilal VOHRA, I was a conventional as well as fully functional number-crunching guy soaked in selfless love for food, travel, music, bikes and cultural exploration & one fine day I quit my boring desk job as a banker and turned to where I belong.

Now I am someone who believes in being consumed by food rather than simply consuming food as a bare necessity for survival. Why not live to eat better every single day??
With my vast travel experiences, I have found leaps and bounds of change in culture, language, persona & food habits after every few odd miles or so. I am here to document the same through my vantage points, as I am always on the roll for a new hunt, Cafe, Restro, Pub or maybe a simple open-air burner in a dingy street block.
That’s Food Abuse to me!!!

So don’t refrain yourself from this little project. You are welcome to comment, criticize, love & share this with your near and dear ones, I’d be glad to hear from you too. Let’s create some food chaos together……

For any queries/business check the find me section, Goodluck!!!