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Fresh Pork being Grilled

Tracing footprints in Assam

The Indian food preferences are expanding in all directions, on one hand they are becoming more experimental and outward looking with modern cuisines and fusions from across the globe and on the other it is looking inward with sub-regional cuisine and people trying to trace historical significance of something more simple. Assamese is one such…
A Beautiful light dish from Peru

Peruvian Brushing

This definitely is one of the finest dish, it’s just raw fish marinated with citrus juice which tends to kill the odour and pungency of it; was the thought in my head when I first got to try the Ceviche as an on-going Peruvian 3 day food festival at Hyatt, Bikaji Cama Place, New Delhi.…

Ambarsar on 35MM

Amritsar, a city laced in Sikh culture and butter partially. Popularly regarded as the food capital of India. The city came into existence 500 odd years back by the 4th Sikh guru, Guru Ram Das. The preceding guru; Guru Arjan Singh was the one who build the most famous relic of Sikhs, the Darbar Sahib commonly known as…