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August 2015

21 August 2015

My article for Pioneer on Carls Jr/ Hardy’s the latest burger debutante from California, U.S.A. Their view and understanding of Indian market plus a comparison with Wendy’s and Johnny Rockets. All details and link to it is listed below- Carls Jr lauch Please punch in your likes and comments below. Thank-you

Unearthing of the lost !!

In the past 2 decades we have connoisseurs, curators , critics and historians all specifically for food. what’s breaking to the obvious next level is a reviver. Someone who is the lone torch bearer for a cuisine or recipe. India unfortunately does not have its food history documented in a proper text for unknown reasons,…

07 August 2015

My fresh article for Pioneer newspaper, about a quaint restaurant in Aurobindo market named The backyard. All details and the links are listed below- The Backyard, Aurobindo Market Please like and comment if you liked my article and photography 🙂

31 July 2015

My second article for The Pioneer newspaper, where i check out the Awadhi fare laid by Chef Izzat Hussian and Ashish Chopra at Indiyaki, Radisson Blu- Paschim Vihar, New Delhi. Awadhi Food Festival at Indiyaki Please check the link and let me know if you like it. Thank-you