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Monthly Archives: May, 2015

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Black burger: Black-magic or Black-hole?

For the past almost 2 years the biggest news in burger scene is going black, Japan was the first country who somehow managed to...


Another chain from land of fast foods makes it to India, after 45 years of its debut they gather the courage and enter the...

Rosang Soul Food

This is you chance to find Arundhati Roy one on one over a drink!!

Def Col Social

In the dying breed of Fine-dines and bars, lounge and cafe were the models to look forward to but with the oversupply they keep...

Launch of High 5

Partygoer’s have a new address to knock out in already famous Haus-Khas Village; HIGH 5, the place is a cafe by day and a...


The middle-eastern jewel of town!!!

Songs & Dances festival of North-East

In the plethora of festival, comes one that’s really unique and "The Songs & Dances festival of North-East" happened at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium,...

Lutyens cocktail house

Walk in to see the left over of the British Raj!!!